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The Guitar Collection Book

The Guitar Collection BookThe Guitar Collection Book, providing insights into most historical guitars known in modern times.

The Guitar Collection which will showcase the most famous guitars in musical history, will bring together for the first time a collection of the musical instrument that have been used in musical hits known to fans across the world. Years of research and development, and high definition photography have bought out this collection, that will feature historical guitars in all their minute glory, and bringing forth information rarely known anywhere.

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A £150,000 designer watch that doesn’t even tell the time has sold out within hours of going on sale.

The timepiece – called “Day and Night” – is encrusted with sapphires, has a crocodile skin strap and is made from steel salvaged from the wreck of the Titanic.

It looks like any normal watch but instead of numbers the face is divided into two sections – a dark half to signify night and a lighter half to signify the day.


Timeless: The Day and Night watch costs a staggering £150,000 but doesn’t even tell the time

A limited number were made by Swiss manufacturers Romain Jerome and they sold out within 48 hours after Brazilian footballer Ronaldo was given the first one.

Romain Jerome, who are based in Geneva, would not reveal who the other customers were other than to say they were “very rich clients, who have taste for the luxurious”. Read more »

Baked, frozen, twisted, crushed…your watch may well say it’s shockproof – but some watchmakers take their shock testing more seriously than others…

An IWC Portuguese Minute RepeaterAn IWC Portuguese Minute Repeater

Watches often claim to be waterproof or shockproof – but at the luxury end of the market, they undergo the torments of the damned before they are released from the factory.

Halogen lamps sear their faces for 120 hours, the cases are shoved into ovens like metal biscuits and vast electromagnets subject the intricate clockwork mechanisms to inconceivable forces. Read more »

Driving the world’s fastest production car? Then you’ll need a suitably extreme watch…

The carbon-fibre face and hands are perpendicular to the movement so you can read the time without taking your hands off the wheelThe carbon-fibre face and hands are perpendicular to the movement so you can read the time on the Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport watch without taking your hands off the wheel Read more »
LUC Louis-Ulysee pocket watchThe 49.6mm diameter casing is on the large side for a wristwatch – and be warned, it’s also hand-wound rather than automatic… Just add a chain if you want to use it as a pocket watch. Oddly, it’s waterproof to 30m in case you go swimming in your waistcoat Read more »

Flying at more than twice the speed of Concorde and five times the speed of sound, this hypersonic airliner is set to be the future of modern air travel.

Looking like a supersonic passenger plane from Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds, the revolutionary aircraft with a top speed of 3,400mph aims to fly between London (or Brussels) and Sydney in under five hours.

Billed as the “Son of Concorde”, the commercial plane is designed to carry 300 passengers and will reach speeds of Mach 5 ? five times the speed of sound.

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‘Son of Concord’: The revolutionary plane will fly at a top speed of 3,400mph and should be able to carry 300 passengers

Its hi-tech liquid hydrogen-powered engines will also produce few carbon emissions, making air travel much greener. Read more »

Our editors select the most ageable wines of the year.

Published on Nov 4, 2010
By the Editors of Wine Enthusiast

While American culture in general is preoccupied with the here and now, wine devotees are well accustomed to thinking long term. Laying down bottles in cellars or stand-alone storage units and monitoring their development over a period of years is a thing of beauty to true enthusiasts. It’s one of the deep, true pleasures of wine: as tannins, acidity and flavors flower or subside, the disparate elements coalesce into a complex whole and after patiently observing you finally decide on the moment of optimal consumption. What could possibly be better than that reward of your efforts? Read more »

Kentucky’s historic Fort Nelson Building will transform into a boutique distillery in 2013.

Published on Jul 8, 2011
By Kara Newman

If you like the trend for urban wineries, how about an urban distillery?

Bourbon and rye maker Michter’s has purchased the historic Fort Nelson Building in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, and will spend $7.8 million in renovations. Read more »

THE LOW DOWN: Vintages serves two purposes: the supply of high-priced wines for those that need them, and the supply of everyday-priced wines in styles not available at regular LCBOs. My picks are mainly from the later category – wines for the enthusiast seeking adventure in their drinking.

South Africa is this week’s star in Rosé, especially the sparkling. Check out Ch. Ferran and I’m sure agree that good white Bordeaux is due a come-back. John Howard has the most impressive Niagara cellar at Megalomaniac and his semi-dry Riesling is no slouch either.

Fans of Cabernet Franc will want to explore the original from Chinon and if it’s  a hit of Tuscany you’re after look for Castellani Chianti. Stratus is also offering rustic in the form of an earthy Rosé. Barbaresco is usually a bit pricy but not so the seductive Santa Vittoria, and my blockbusters from Argentina and France also offer great value.

I did find one wine – Groth Chardannay, in the catalogue’s high priced and high score feature that delivers some magic.



BeckBrutRosewine style: sparkling dry Rosé
GRAHAM BECK Brut Rosé, South Africa 175588 $18.95 Read more »

skylight credenza

skylight credenza

Oenophiles with modern tastes and desires can enhance their entertaining and collecting with the Skylight Wine Credenza by Modern Cellar. The credenza offers space to accommodate your wine, glasses, plate ware and other accessories. It can store 14 bottles of wine and 6 glasses. Boasting soft-close hydraulic door and drawer mechanism, the credenza is moisture resilient and comes in hand-rubbed walnut oil finish. Wine enthusiasts can have this gorgeous credenza for $3400.

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Skylight Wine Credenza
Skylight Wine Credenza
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